Rebuilding America

A time for Serious Solutions to Serious Problems

As an American citizen, a retired Marine, a small business owner, a volunteer, and, most importantly, as a father, I know that our Nation is faced with problems and challenges that grow more serious daily.

Politicians and special interest groups have joined to hijack our government for their own benefit. Incumbency is nearly assured by campaign finance laws that stack the deck in favor of officeholders. The concerns and welfare of individual Americans have become secondary to the needs and ambitions of professional, lifetime politicians and the special interests that support them.

Our Nation is at a crossroads. The time for waiting is over.

When I ask younger people if they think they will receive social security benefits, the answer is invariably a resounding no. Yet these same young people are expected to pay into a system from which they will receive no benefits. This problem came about because, for decades, Congress absorbed the Social Security Trust Fund into the general fund and squandered it on irresponsible spending intended to buy votes. The markers the Congress left in the Trust Fund have come due. This is but one of the serious fiscal problems America faces, but it is one that eventually touches everyone.

Congress' solution has been to issue more IOU’s. Even though Congress does not seem to believe that America can fail, they are wrong. Nothing is too big to fail, including the United States of America.

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September 18, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

Most of us remember with warmness in our hearts that great parable of the little engine and its effort and determination in triumphing over obstacles and discouragement. There is no greater feeling of reward than working diligently and seeing the results of your efforts and the efforts of those who helped you in your journey. Success instills a desire to work even harder.

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September 11, 2010

Seeds of the Next September 11th

Wikileaks recently published over 90,000 classified documents relating to the Afghanistan war and, in a second brazen act, published top secret CIA documents for the whole world to view. But why should you careā€¦..? As a retired Marine Colonel I can assure you that the damage of this leak to the American people and the free world will be profound. The seeds of the next September 11th have just been sown.

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